It is almost a ritual: every year our design bloggers get together to create a brand new calendar. Last year we worked on “Spaces” interiors and outdoors. This year the title that inspired the photographic contest is about “Plain Interiors“.

Each blogger takes part to this initiative giving a personal interpretation of “plain interiors”, adding a seasonal emphasis in some cases (spring, summer or winter), or an evocation of a traditional event, like Carnival in february, or Christmas in December. Many different pictures are displayed month by month along the year, with a common inspiration: the “plain” factor. This word means simple in style, natural, unadorned, undecorated, naked, homely, unsophisticated, minimalist… As you notice this word might have different perceptions, especially in terms of interior design.

Feel free to share your vision of plain interiors with us: post and tag us on Instagram, using both #homestyleblogs and #plaininteriors hashtags.

The Home Style Blogs 2019 Calendar is in Italian and available for Network’s collaborators and customers only. However the photos created will be shared in the social media.

A special thank goes to the following design bloggers, who made the 2019 Calendar possible:

Modaearredamento (January)
Parentesirosa (February)
Honetrotter (March)
Ohmydesign (April)
Designtherapy (May + July)
Macchiedichina (June)
Finetodesign (August + introduction)
Ilfiordicappero (September)
Arredativo (October)
Kitchentipsblog (November)
Arscity (December)

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