I have been loving white for long time, I must admit I am biased. In any case, beyond a reasonable doubt, the reasons to choose a white kitchen are many: white is alwasy on trends and went through years and years of undisturbed styles and trends.
The white power: it expands the space, captures light and returns it.

  1. The first and most important reason for choosing white is the visual amplitude it gives to spaces, even the smallest ones, making any location more airy and enjoyable.
  2. White (synthesis of each color of the chromatic scale) reflects the light, illuminating the environment in a natural way. The result is a kitchen that transmits energy and vitality.
  3. A white kitchen, contrary to what you might think, is easy to clean, both in the glossy version and in the matte. I can say for sure since I have a white kitchen in my house. Actually a white kitchen with shiny black cupboard (and fingerprints on the black are guaranted!).
  4. A white kitchen acts as ideal base for any style you choose for your home. Perfect for clean and aseptic lines of the minimalist homes as for the warm and cozy Nordic style, until the shabby chic style and rustic Provencal.
  5. As I mentioned above, and its biggest advantage is to be an evergreen: it never goes out of style, just like a white shirt in our wardrobe!
  6. The sixth and last reason to go for a white kitchen is beauty. A white kitchen is incredibly and undeniably beautiful, pure joy for the eyes … judge for yourself!

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