The connected appliances are by far the biggest technology challenge in the home appliance industry. Consumers are looking for new performances, not just the basic utility, but easy-to-use automated appliances to speed up everyday home tasks and to make all these duties more exciting by using technology. This is why the industry is evolving from a manufacturing focus to a consumer lifestyle focal point. From setting the oven to the right temperature before you arrive home, to monitoring food stock in the fridge, or recommending washing machine cycles and suggesting recipes for dinner, the possibilities for internet connected appliances use are almost endless. A smart appliance makes everyday life more efficient, allowing you to spend more time on the things you love. And but the way… it is fun!

Siemens never stops challenging its appliances in exceeding customers’ expectations.

Nowadays technology is so developed that one simple app can easily control most appliances throughout the home. Connected Siemens appliances, intelligent software and the intuitive Home Connect App gives you more flexibility and freedom when using your appliances.

You no longer need to be at home to start your washing machine or you can preheat your oven from your desk. The Home Connect App enables you to control all of your connected Siemens home appliances via a smartphone or tablet from wherever you are.

At Eurocucina and FTK- Technology for the kitchen (Salone del Mobile) in Milan we could see how easy the use of this App is. Ones you have set and saved your preferences you will control a lot of functions of your kitchen by playing a button from your tablet or smartphone.

Another example is the built-in coffee center by Siemens. You can select the type of coffee you prefer and saving yours, as well as and your family members or friends’ preferences in the App.

At the show we also met Mykie, a little home robot that helps you in many things, in the kitchen as well. He is basically a kitchen assistant. Let’s figure out you wish to cook Maccaroni with meat souce and you do not know where to start from, just ask Mykie and he will show you the recipe (video) and the list of ingredients, following you step by step during the preparation of your recipe.

The Jetsons are no longer just a cartoon tale: everything has become smart and thrilling today. Smart home technology is changing the way we live.

The Jetson | Hanna-Barbera

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