Not just furniture for Doimo! Among the latest novelties presented at Salone del Mobile 2017, one of the most remarkable one is the “Nartist project”: an Italian web platform developed as an online marketplace for artists and professionals of contemporary art, created to promote collaboration between these different categories.

First of all, let us introduce you the Doimo Group, and Italian company that has been furnishing houses, offices and hotels for almost 70 years, then have a look at the following video to discover how contemporary art and furniture design might become a real masterpiece in your house.

The choice to include contemporary art in home furnishing is for sure the revolutionary aspect of the Doimo’s proposal, made possible thanks to Nartist platform and the cooperation with the Cannaviello Art Gallery. The press and dealer presentation of this project was premiered on 22 March, at Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan, a prestigious location and the perfect scenery to express the beauty that art requires. Art & the City would have been the perfect title to describe the event!

Indeed, the goal of the Nartist project is to find a new meeting point between art and industry, promoting the diffusion of creativity. A concept that translated into a space (a marketplace) that offers visibility to emerging artists and creative young people and allows private or institutional investors to get in touch with them and possibly buy an original or unpublished artwork.

This collaboration leads us to the products shown in Milan, where the artwork is embedded in furniture like beds, cabinets or sofa, inserted and displayed in special frames.
In promoting the Nartist project Doimo promotes art diffusion, aspiring to bring the beauty of creativity in everyday life and not just in museums or exhibitions. This is possible thanks to a special patent: an exclusive application system to insert canvas or fabric (the artwork) within a metallic frame. The frame is also removable and allows you to change the artwork in a glance.
The event at Villa Necchi Campiglio and the breathless atmosphere inside the stand at the Salone del Mobile have been a real inspiration towards art and creativity. As we received a white empty canvas when we visited the company at the Milan Show, now we have the chance now to express our artistic vein: we should really create our own custom-painted canvas, shouldn’t we? In fact, the Nartist patent allows the insertion of any canvas or painting, even an artwork created by us!

When you buy one of these piece of furniture you also receive three white canvases: you might paint them by yourself or ask your favourite artist to do it for you.
Our tour of the booth continued with the discovery of Doimo Salotti new products . With architect Angelo Armanno we had the pleasure to see his latest creation: Place, a leather sofa, characterized by a great seat modularity and sophisticated materials.
Bloggers with Architect Angelo Armanno of Doimo

Here we are on the Roland sofa designed by D.S. Studio, outlined by important volumes and comfortable seat padding. It has a generous depth and a low backrest, perfect to be positioned in the centre of the living room.
We were really satisfied with what we saw at Doimo’s. The wide collection of Doimo sofas and living room furnishing ranges from modern to classic style: a rich catalogue for your best personal choice!

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