Home Style Blogs is a specialized interior design, lifestyle and architecture blog network. Italian designers, architects and interior design experts will lead their readers to discover the best International brands in the Home Living. For home lovers… and for whom is looking for guide-lines, ideas and design trends.

After some successful web campaigns a group of selected bloggers decided to cooperate and create a revolutionary project in the Italian web: sharing thoughts, ideas and information, helping the growth of a “digital-media home-living culture”.
All aspects of “home makeover”, starting from the planning and ending with the furnishing, bearing in mind the most important thing: join together modern way of living and daily life-style.
For us home style is more than just fit-out rooms. For us home style is knowing how to create an “Home Sweet Home” mirroring people’s personal attitudes. A place for senses and sensibilities; a place to live, to eat, to sleep, to work, to host. Lines, colors and shapes, as a unit, creating a perfectly blended solo: home.

Great care for home and furniture is what Italians are more and more interested in. Functionality and style, ideas and solution, these are the most popular demanding elementes. A chair or a table can be used for many different purpouses depending on the context.

THE MANIFESTO: delivering design culture through the internet
We are design scouters and are focused in giving answers in terms of quality choices and spare-time links to our readers. Giving images of exclusive and far from concrete life houses, is not our aim. We want to show to our readers that our suggestions and solutions are concretely possible both in a flat, in Milan or in its outskirts, as well as in a mountain cottage. We propose historical brands, design icons, new trends and new talents. Fast as the net!… We deliver catalogue links, specifications and shop-on-line guide lines.

It is a real revolution to discover home design through the web! Internet is the perfect tool to open new markets and to create new targets. We spread the ideas of home design through the online reputation. Design master pieces are not ment to be museum-pieces, but they are ment to be part of our family life. Objects can turn into artistic objects, can turn into historical avant-garde icons if you know how to recognize their merits.

By definition, web is free and democratic. So it is for home living. The net give us a chance to connect not only to selected audience, but to the whole range of people. This is our goal: to bring design on the net to turn it into a widespread “culture”. Our goal is to make design identifiable, in order to rout plagiarism, because…if you can have the original one there is no reason to have its copy. Only through good, detailed and skilled information is possible to create a network in which style and fashion can give life to an eclectic melting pot in compliance with pop cultures’ influences.

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