Adriana Lohmann is a designer who makes awesome “luminous sculpture”, that’s how she calls them, through the recycling of materials such as crystals, pieces of metal, plastic and textures, and using also innovative materials like terylene and aluminum chains. The colors, the effects on the wall when you switch on the lamp, the sound of the touching pearls when moved, everything of these lamps brings energy to the ambience and to the rooms where placed.
Adriana, in fact, beside the taste of mixing classical shape with colors in a way that looks great , has also studied Feng – Shui , and as the oriental knowledge teaches, there are spaces and corners in the house or in a structure that need energy and harmony which can be brought by those magnificent lamps.
The designer chooses, mostly of the time, to go seeing the house or the space where her lamps should be placed, in order to give piece of advice and to achieve perfection, in order to wholly satisfy the client.

Sometimes her “Columns” can be easily placed next to the bed instead of the “usual” abat-jour, since those have the wall connection, other positions for other kind of lamps , could be in the stairwell or above big dinner tables. There they can give light and comfort, beside classic elegance, to the tablemates.
Adriana’s luminous sculptures are part of collections, like “Tourbillon Pearls” inspired to water movements, “Galactic Pearl”, “Flower Power” inspired to 70’s, and have been placed in famous locations like Titanic Restaurant in Hotel Melià, Dubai, and in the Castle of Montegufoni, in the historical residence of Florence.