Nothing is impossible for Anacleto Spazzapan.
The artist and designer uses the reinforcing bars in order to create daily furniture with this humble material.
Personal and timeless, his style doesn’t have someone else’s influence because for Spazzapan doesn’t exist something impossible to realize, thanks also to the mathematical approach of his projection. For this reason, what really counts for the designer – he likes to remind it to younger guys – is the knowledge of the materials, of their cost, of their resistance and reaction during the manufacturing. This aspect for Anacleto Spazzapan is more crucial than the ability in drawing the project, also more important than informatics abilities. Though it needs to be accompanied by another fundamental talent: stubbornness.

Anyone who loves his works of art will have the chance to find a kind of design that has both style and good taste, a product without time nor age. The color captures the eyesight and the ergonomic study of design pieces of furniture make us forgetting that the material used for the structure is iron, a poor material that with perseverance (and a magic touch), Anacleto Spazzapan enhances it, astonishing us.
Anacleto Spazzapan has found the formula in order to make looking “soft” and flexible something made in a cold and tough material like iron.

What’s behind the creative process of Anacleto Spazzapan? As he tells us, his projects take advantage of “the same logics that are used in math, keeping in mind the concept of logic and math progression”: the cornerstone still is the function and use of the object , embellished and lightened thanked to a more frivolous aspect.

He is connected to a practical and concrete dimension of design, to what the object is more than what it must represents. Spazzapan definiens his ideal object as “what I can create in few minutes, with only a unique piece of material not too heavy, not too big, with a no-cost or at least a low cost manufacturing, and it doesn’t have to have similars. Last but not least it has to be comfortable and beautiful”.