Art paint is not just made to hang on a wall.
Back in the past, villas and castles used to have painted wardrobe (barocco, biedermaier, and other styles) but it might be hard to figure out how to match a decorated furniture with modern design interiors nowadays.

That’s not the case of Mariani painted tables. The company Mariani Affreschi, from Brescia (Italy) specialized in frescos and wall decoration has developed a technique to paint on wooden panels. Further on they have come up with the idea of the “Art Table“: exquisite antique wood and frescos art.

The “ingredients” of these art painted tables are indeed in the Italian painting tradition with a touch of modern design for the legs, available in glass or metal.

This gorgeous collection of tables is decorated in neoclassical style on two different type of wooden tops: antique oak or Venetian “Briccola”, the wood recovered from antique wooden poles of the Venice lagoon, with such an appealing consumed look.

100% Italian hand made, easy to match with any design style, these tables will give a very special touch to your apartment, house or villa.

For more information visit Mariani Affreschi home page.