A new beautiful house is like an outfit: it should match with a jewel to complete the look, as you need something original, special… a kind of sparkle for the entire house.

To decorate your house walls in a very special way, you might consider a trompe l’oeil.
This type of art painting fools eyes, literally, as this is its meaning in French. Through skillful use of color, shading, and perspective, painted objects and landscapes appear true-to-life.Trompe l’oeil is mainly used to decorate large walls or ceilings, but you can also paint other items like furniture and design objects, to create surprise and wonder.

These frescos painting technique has a very ancient story, which goes back to Romans in Pompei (Italy) to continue in Renaissance, but the definition “trompe l’oeil” was given only later in 1800s, in France. This type of  realistic frescos become very popular at that time and artists decorated villas, churches, castles to give the illusion of vast space and beautiful views.

Today it is still possible to create such elegant and eye-catching interior decoration thanks to a crew of Italian artists guided by the company Mariani Affreschi, which creates  frescos on demand for their customers.

Watch at the video to discover how trompe l’oeil is created by Mariani Affreschi.

Each trompe l’oeil is a versatile artwork in terms of size and style (classic or modern). It is an exclusvie one-off piece, created with natural pigments and clays mixex with water spread in fresh plaster. Natural pigments give such real effect with makes the trompe l’oeil so terrific.

The company Mariani Affreschi has customers worldwide and keeps alive the original Italian frescos tradition, creating real masterpieces on demand.
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Photo credits: Mariani Affreschi