Black home: raise your hand if you do not fear it!

Obviously, my hand did not move. And right for this reason I wish to share with you my latest research with the purpose to give an answer to the following question:

In the web I have found some pretty good ideas.
Let’s start with some examples in which black is just an accent, a color addition in a bright set.
We can see as the black painted wall does not create any negative contrast in the location: it does not detract brightness, it does not oppress nor gives any negative impression. Indeed, it characterizes the space in a very original way.

Even simpler is the black combined with natural wood: it dispels entirely the drama of the dark color.
But now let’s see something really dark…

With these images we might understand how black should not be a taboo: it is actually an easy-to-use color, which does not even require special attentions (but beware of the painter’s ability!).
So what about replacing some white wall with a nice black one? I will try!

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