I discovered by accident this wonderful family, their home Chateau de Dirac and shop (unique and exceptional) which you can find inside. I was struck by the intense green, in a not common shade, which is the leading element of the renovation of this old house in ruins. Not only green of course, every detail is spectacular and I’m falling in love more and more of this bohemian style that creates a refined atmosphere: simple, delicate and unrepeatable. A big house where you can breathe the air of this family.

The ancient spirit brought back to life
Everything here is extraordinary, starting from the premises: Isabelle & Hubert, founder of the online store Les Petites Emplettes, fell in love with this manor in ruins during a trip to the countryside. From there to turn it in their home, the step was short, but very challenging. It took two years to renovate the rooms of the castle and the work is not finished yet, also because the owners have decided to take on new challenges such as the opening of a hall for ceremonies like weddings and parties, then by adapting a portion of the house to guest location.

An atypical place, almost a leap in time: the modern living of the family respect the history of this place. The walls are like books where the past has left his testimony: the brave choice to keep the remains of the old wallpaper and old peeling plaster is a strength point of this space as much as magical and authentic atmosphere.

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