Let’s start from the Lobby, isn’t it inspiring?

We are in Piedmont, in Barge, in the province of Cuneo to be exact. This is a a newly renovated boutique hotel: the hotel ALTER. An industrial building of the lastest century, fixed up and transformed into a new, contemporary stylish location, with a refined elegant design that is perceived already from the first steps.

Common areas inside and outside are elegant furnished and some architectural choices evoke the industrial style of the past, giving character and a typical Central European taste.
Further on the hotel visit, after going through the common areas, we enter into the private areas, where the atmosphere become intimate and warm.

The rooms are spacious (even the smallest ones) and they respond to specific needs in terms of sophistication and long stay. Loft or real mini-apartments welcome guests and always make them feel at home…. because that’s what we look for in a hotel, right? Feeling fine at first glance , appreciating the style and atmosphere so much as to say: “I would love to live in a space like this”!

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