In November 2016, Luca Balletta brand opens its doors at a shop with unique and exclusive products for our four-legged friends.
You can actually find products that combine Italian style with the functionality and high-quality of the materials; able to connect the owner with his dog and at the same time to express his personality.
100% Italian and European , all the materials used to create the final article, nothing comes from China, nothing is been produced there.

The brand was born mainly because the Chihuahua’s poppy of Balletta’s family, named Papaya, needed trendy and functional objects of every day’s life, that need has allowed the birth of this contemporary brand for urban dogs. Besides being the official inspirational muse of the brand, Papaya tests all the new products and creations before they come into production.
For all animal lovers, just run to our showroom in Via Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate and fall in love with these amazing creations.

The collections are really rich in products, what you can find at Tid, also on the online shop (, are cute Dog Beds made for giving to your dogs a comfortable rest, and at the same time, thanks to the fresh and innovative design, to complete your interiors as well.
Handmade with only exclusive materials, these beds have a memory foam mattress and a smart entrance on a side. The coating can be easily washed in the washing machine.
Also you can find Dog Bars that are entirely handmade using only the highest quality materials, such as steel and beech wood, the Dog Bar is drawn to perfectly fit any interior and materials used will make it last forever.
Who said that design couldn’t also speak the language of man’s best friend?!?