Self-construction , re-utilization , re-cycling…. The eco-lamps designed by the Danish designer Judith Byberg.

Her work covers a range of different sectors, while maintaining uniformity in terms of aims and language. The shapes are soft and organic. The colors bright , the material clearly light.
She uses mind and hands at the same time in order to design: many of her pieces of design are self-produced, in the best Scandinavian tradition.
In fact, Judith Byberg is born in Roskilde, in Denmark, in 1963 and later she moved to Italy where she graduated in Milan Polytechnic, in 1989 with a degree in architecture.
Since 2011 she began working with felt and with other natural materials.
Each object, house, lamp is a small invention. Substance before form, and therefore destined to last.
The method by which you work a material is what matter to Judith, rather than the subject itself.
Experiment , innovation, new contexts are the big three of Judith.
Her talent is being able to invent innovative solutions using technology, her hands, with them she creates soft and organic shapes, with her mind, because each of her pieces of design is self-produced , following the Scandinavian tradition.
Each of her products is unique, it really is a small invention. Substance before form, and therefore destined to last.

Judith’s research was always directed to taking a step back in attempt to break the negative trend of consumerism and waste. The most appropriate material for this was found to be felt, due both for its ancient origins and to the purity of the textile itself, and to the fact that it’s production does not involve any polluting industrial processes.
Self-construction , re-utilization , re-cycling… as it is for her lighting sculptures, for example UOVO, table and floor lamp made of carded Bergschaf wool ,bamboo tops link, silk cocoons natural white, and isinglass.