In the Mediterranean countries, home outdoor design is mainly associated to beautiful sunny days, beach or pool, sunbathing and nice summer nights. A quite indisputable vision.

But there is a new trend that is influencing the outdoor furniture industry and interior designers as well. It is a lifestyle “wind” that is blowing from Northern Europe and it is spreading out all over the world. This breeze is coming from Denmark and its name is “hygge” and it is probably the secret of one of the happiest population in the world, together with Finns and Norwegians.

Hygge has no translation but its meaning is very close to cosiness, even if it is more than that. It’s about a feeling of wellbeing, about enjoying life, spending time with close friends or family, sitting by a fire with a hot chocolate, or putting on warm socks after a rainstorm.

The hygge “philosophy” is changing the way designers and architects project modern country cottages or chalets, offering more connection to natural surroundings (a hygge principle) for example enabling contemporary homes to have entire walls of operable glass, creating a sense of being outside, yet still fully comfortable and protected. Forget the darkness of the old-styled chalet and figure out a new concept of chalet, rich of natural light, like a real Nordic house: huge windows, white or pastel colors and natural materials.

Ph. Varaschin CRICKET armchairs

With nature at our doorstep, mountain calls for an outdoor living space that embraces the spectacular 4 seasons environment, winter included.

Varaschin, an Italian company specialized in outdoor furniture perfectly represents this mood with their durable design products. The photos above, as well as the following ones, come from their latest Catalogue, called LANDSCAPES, directly from the ALPINE ENVIRONMENT chapter.

A selection of outdoor furniture, created by some worldwide famous designers and produced by Varaschin with high quality patented material and precious craftsmanship.

Accessorize your outdoor living space with warm blankets, cushy seats and armchairs, along with going candles and lights to create the perfect hygge ambience.
Relax and enjoy your hot drinks outside!

Ph. EMMA Bergère – design by Monica Armani

Ph. BALI sofa – design by Alessandro Dubini


Nothing beats the wonderful smells and flavors created by cooking outside (an outdoor fireplace is a must in the mountains), even in winter time. Hygge is all about raising the spirits and what better way to do it having lunch with friends, enjoying the warm pleasure of the sun when the fresh chilly air of the mountains touches your face?

Ph. SYSTEM – table + benches and sunbed – design Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri

These are just a few proposals from the huge company catalogue with is rich of ideas and solutions for the best 4 seasons outdoor you have ever dreamed of. Then add a touch of hygge and transform your house in a paradise on earth.

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