We are Golden,
We are not what you think we are.
(Mika, We are Golden)

Gold, gold, gold … it’s gold all around us: exhibitions, trendy bars, shops, restaurants. There’s gold everywhere, more and more…

But my challenge of today is:
Can we use golden finshings in residential interiors?
Can an everyday house be furnished with golden finishings?
Let’s go to Torino to have a look at this apartment designed by the Milanese studio De Amicis Architects.

‘Aristocratic, refined, historic and modern at the same time’: Never quote was more appropriate! The renovation of this noble house has been extremely careful not to change the characteristics of the place, managing to adapt perfectly the modern elements to the classic context.
The project is developped around three hubs: the wardrobe, the kitchen, the entrance with the to elimination of the corridors.
The use of precious materials, such as marble and oak parquet highlight the preciousness of the background.
And always about luxory, look at the golden touch: furniture, lightings, ceiling surfaces.
Bold? Exagerated? Forced?
Nothing like that. But indeed, gold is probably the only color that can fit in such a sober and delicate location.

The Light Machine chandelier by Catellani & Smith, the mirror, the vault above the piano, wardrobe walls: all elements either original or contemporary come together in a new golden light that enhances the natural light coming from the large windows.
Let me end with the bathroom: gold in the chandelier, but also in the golden shades of the marble chosen for the coatings and the floor. And what about the tub? A dream in black Bisazza mosaic, what a perfect contrast.
So let’s go back to our question: can we use golden finshings in residential interiors, without being gaudy, bold and opulent?
The answer is positive.

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