Today almost in every field we talk about sustainability and recycling: a lot of people take care about environmental protection, energy conservation and the creation of a sustainable economy, so the “green policy” has become a kid of “trend” on the mouth of all.

Green is fashion
In the fashion industry this trend is called green fashion or eco fashion. Probably all started about 25 years ago, when the New York Times dedicated an article to this topic as well as, at the same time, Vogue came out with a special issue on sustainable fashion. Right in these years many designers began to get confidence with the first eco-friendly fabrics and organic fabrics.

Thanks to fashion ecology started creating a consumer environmental consciousness based on the principles of environmental sustainability: the rules of recycling, the vintage, but also the choice of eco-friendly fabrics that inspired the designers and were attractive for the end customers. This policy has also been supporting local artisans and a short chain economy, to avoid unnecessary dispersion and energy waste.
Organic food
Organic food i salso very trendy: a trend which generates a business which involves 60% of Italian consumers. Even in U.S. food preferences are changing, even thanks to Michelle Obama campaign and her organic garden as well. Organic food is the key to win the battle against junk food and obesity.
Green design
The design world is always very keen to new trends and it could not avoid to pay attention to the planet’s health.

Designers have always created innovative and beautiful objects, today many of them are also green. Green means that their production takes place with environmentally friendly methods, and when possible witha recycled or recyclable material.
There are several forms of green design: you might choose design furniture made with eco-materials or simply buy second hand objects, to avoid waste.

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