The latest color trend? The walls half painted! I was as always wandering here and there on the web when I came across a half-white/half-dark wall… needless to say I was so impressed I spend the entire evening searching out decorations like that one! The fact is that these walls are really perfect, as you can dose the color without making it too intrusive (and you know how much I like white walls), and then this solution will definitely enhances the decor. It ‘s a great idea, suitable for any room of the house, from the kids bedroom to the master bedroom, from the kitchen to the hallway and the color combinations are endless. As theme variation you can arm yourself with meter and strip for a perfect division, or opt for a more artistic and round board.
You can include the door, or even a picture, a furniture… the effect of continuity will be amazing. You can end up a little more than a meter or paint up almost to the ceiling, to give the idea of ​​great heights. You can follow the line with the paintings, or simply forget that it exists and hang randomly on the wall. You can also invert the colors, as not always the dark tones have to go underneath.

Get inspired and set your immagination free!

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