Michele Tombolini was born in Venice in 1963. His studio is located in Marghera.
The works he produces are in large formats, almost seeking to contain the vital energy and interior impulse that create in contact with surrounding reality.
From 2011 to today, Tombolini has focused on exploring the languages of performance art, installation, sculptures, aiming for the same all-engaging objective, expanding the limits of perception towards the three-dimensional.
  The works of the collection “Indelible Marks” transmit a strong social message, with a strong graphic impact as well.
Art becomes augmented reality, connected to the Internet and the use of social networks, where the relationship between the message and the work is in continuous, complementary evolution. The role of the artist is to share the message with everyone through his artworks.
Tombolini’s works literally take life in front of the shapes that the artist depicts. It is a conditioned reflex – the colors, paper, canvas and felt-tip pens move like caresses over the faces of these children, to protect them, to hear the voices concealed behind their forcibly closed mouths. In times like ours, when people are unwilling to listen, this condition stimulates creativity and grants the artist a true poetic reason.
Michele Tombolini seeks to regenerate bodies, clothing and fabrics – this seems to be the purpose of the thicknesses of the different materials, which are animated by light in his collages.
For the artist, recycled materials are a living world from which creative inspiration and artistic nourishment are drawn. His large canvases disorient and attract us like light at the bottom of a cavern. A descent into the underworld of the human mind, through the colors and magic of a child’s drawings.