The vision behind IOTA is to establish a movement that allows different people from around the world to learn a technique of traditional hand-craftsmanship, by providing them employment and allowing them to earn an honest living.

This idea contains a social responsibility and a way to maintain traditional arts by extenuating the importance of knowledge and skills. It also portrays the belief that regardless of the infinite possibilities that technology offers, people still seek for a personal and unique hand print.
The search for products and materials is done by physical research. They learn old techniques combined with modern knowledge and come up with new strings in colors that are unique.

All these create a new textile language that combines various materials into unlimited products.
IOTA actually, has a meaning : it stands for “a bit” in Latin and as it is, little by little, from a single stitch to the final product, from the individual to the global, they aspire to make an impact on the lives of their clients, employees and their community , creating beautiful objects.
The collection is made of carpets, stools, swing and pillows.
 All of them handmade, it is a whole collection dedicated to crochet knitting (knitting with one needle). This technique originally from northern Europe, allows creating both planar and three-dimensional shapes by making knots in different spacing and thus represents endless configurations.
Iota teaches methods of re-appropriating traditional craft techniques and as a result, the apprentices create handmade elements which then turn into the final design, and earn for their living.
They work with talented people with no prospect of employment, giving those opportunities as we invest in their training and mentorship.
The majority of profits from iota’s product sales will be invested in welfare and educational programs worldwide, learn from IOTA, make people dreams come true.