Maurizio Fardo, known as a designer with the brand name Maòli, has always something to tell with his collection of furnishing and table items that, in this case, have been complemented by a line of articles made wholly of aluminum.
Maòli has traveled a lot to Madagascar, where he actually lives, he found there, beside the greatness of nature, many old recycled fragments of old motors, planes, cans, saucepans and cutlery coming from every part of the world. What did he decide to do then with all those scraps?
Well, thanks to his great knowledge, he used the European technique of about 40 years ago, he tempered everything, and in a second time he cast everything in the sand.
In-sand casting is an ancient procedure that requires time, patience and a certain amount of experience, beside many skills of course, in handling the material.

A completely manual procedure which is no longer used in the industrialized nations because of technical and economic reasons and also because of artisans’ lack of practice handcrafting. It is only in the end of the production cycle, that the pieces emerge from the cast and are brushed and polished until they acquire the characteristic silver color. The color that makes Maòli aluminium so special and surely unique. This is a technique where the human effort is the only key.

The resulting objects and furniture reflect the experience and passion for the work of artisans and designers that are becoming fewer and fewer, and that should be always appreciated for their hard work and their great heart.

You can find many pieces by Maòli on The Interior Design online shop: vase racks, centerpieces, trays, they all make your house look minimal, ethnic and innovative, but still keeping the tradition of a hard worker who used an old and traditional technique.