Microstudio is born as architecture study, started by Fabrizio Susi who fell in love with design, making this last one his first activity and giving life to the homonym design brand Made in Italy, self-made.
The passion for a product and for an idea are the cradle of what’s needed in order to realize it, Microstudio is characterized by his maniacal precision in details and in technologies used.

Every product is projected thinking at its realization, for what concern the materials and working process.
Minimalist shapes, simple and linear that exalt the game of volumes and that give birth to a series of objects with a firm character such as to say: wood, cork and cement.
The office style Concrete Desk Set, for example, was made putting together traditional techniques with innovative processing and it is composed of: calendar, clock, pen-holder, post-it holder, business card holder.

In TID showroom you can find also the first series of coffee tables realized by Microstudio, called Viceversa.
The series is made of three different models of different dimensions, thought to be adapted to various rooms.
What is similar in these coffee tables of this collection are the legs fixed on the contrary of the other, or vice versa, giving life to a game of movements, lines and perceptions.

Each model of these coffee table has legs of a pastel color: yellow for the rectangular one, dark green for the square one, light blue for the triangular one.

You can find all these collections both on the online shop and in the showroom in Via Pordoi, 8 at Baranzate, very close to Milan.