If we would introduce today trends about armchairs and sofas we should start from the past, during cavemen time, when a stone box was used as a bed or a bench. And what about the triclinium, the recliner used by both Greeks and Romans? A great revolution in furnishing happened in France during Luis XIV: upholstered canapè sofas became very popular in the houses of the upper classes and still today they are reproduced in the so called “Luis XIV style”, or even in the shabby style. Than it was the time of the Chersterfield, in late 18thcentury, as well as the Empire style, with a combination of classical and medieval motifs, or the sinuous lines of Art Nouveau, the colored and embodied Art Deco style couches, up to the Postmodern era with Midcentury and other art movements that influenced even the furnishing and brought the sofa design to a very minimal concept of shapes and lines.

Today sofas production still reflects many of these styles in a contemporary reinterpretation. But the most significant current influence comes from the Far East and it is part of a brand new concept of sofas and, in general, of a new lifestyle at home.

A great example of this oriental expression is HANEDA sofa, designed by Marc Sadler and produced by the Italian Désirée Divani (Gruppo Euromobil). Haneda is a kind of daybed that reminds us the Japanese tatami. It is a shapeless sofa, which brings us back to the origins. It is a system of mobile seats and backrests conceived to be used in various moments of the day in a free and comfortable way.

Many combinations are possible: without straying from their intrinsic functional solidity, the various backrests can be arranged on top of a natural ash base – available in various sizes – or on a soft, two-toned rug in pure New Zealand wool woven to achieve a relief effect.

This concept design reflects perfectly the philosophy of Désirée company, based on quality, simplicity and function. Its vast collection of furniture, 100% made in Italy, includes armchairs and sofas in different styles and dimensions. The design of each model features well-balanced lines and volumes that combine refinement and comfort.

Haneda is just one of the several novelties the Company presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan, last April 2018. ARLON sofa, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez is an elegant and minimal contemporary sofa with the seat suspensions built around a thin metal and aluminium structure, available in matt gold and burnished nickel finishing for different interior décor styles. Along with the sofa it comes the sideboard, an elegant gloss lacquered wooden furniture for a very unique touch.

Another oriental influence prevails in the items designed by the Japanese Setsu & Shinobu Ito. KARIN is a high quality and cozy armchair, inspired by the nature as well as STUM coffee tables.

Désirée is a mix of industry and design, well expressed in their payoff “Home Soft Home” which represents their aptitude for a distinctive but cozy design, able to deliver emotions, sensations and satisfaction, for a convivial and easy-going lifestyle.

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