Combine fresh white walls, colored cement tiles, walls in old brick and warm-looking worn wooden floors. The result is an irresistible home, of those houses so beautiful as t the cover of a magazine, but yet so cozy to make you immediately want to be there, maybe to cook in that inviting kitchen and then have lunch sitting on such colored chairs.

Geometric forms and industrial style

This original house is located in Myslowice, Poland, and is designed by Studio Architektury Widawscy. The ground floor of the house is structured as an open space, where the rooms almost chasing each other seamlessly. The loft-style with a modern and playful character underlines the contrast between the “classic” materials such as wood and bricks and the bright colors of the decorative tiles, the chairs and a few touches here and there. Up to the amazing bathroom on the ground floor, a bright yellow glow! An idea to copy? The great map from Globetrotter located on the dining room wall was built by hand, with screws attached to the wall and a black cord and it is perfect for pinning photographs and travel memories.

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