NOFI Collection: one of the most loved collections by Higold

“Live the excellent life” is not just a motto, it’s a promise.

Higold, through its outdoor furniture collections, wants to provide its customers with a better lifestyle by offering one more reason to live outdoors, with style.

The deep research and knowledge of the product, together with high quality design, craftsmanship and attention to detail, has led, in a short time, to the achievement of excellent results culminating in the birth of profitable collaborations with some of the most prestigious names in world design among all: Nicolas Thomkins and Pininfarina.

Not only great collaborations, but also, and above all, its own outdoor furniture collections with a unique design and an elegant and contemporary style that are characterized by the combination of different materials to create a mix with a strong chromatic contrast.

An example? Here is one of the most loved and requested collection by our customers… NOFI!

Thanks to the light colors of the structure and the cushions, it is the perfect piece of furniture for the home or hotel garden, for the terrace of a modern design house or for the swimming pool solarium in an elegant location.

Everything is also embellished with Burma Teak inserts, a characteristic element of all Higold collections. Present both on the armrests of the seats and on the tables, where the top is entirely made up of strips of this precious wood, positioned in different shapes and sizes.

Armchairs, modular sofas, dining and bar tables, loungers and rocking chairs, to best meet all the needs and requests of the customer. Easy to assemble thanks to its DIY concept.

A collection designed with high quality materials for outdoor use but at the same time proves to be ideal for indoor environments. Ideal for spending warm summer evenings in the company of friends and family, or as a perfect setting for relaxing moments inside a hotel or in a trendy club.


Chiara Mattavelli