This October 2020, Irish-heritage brand Orior launched their first-ever rug collection in partnership with fashion designer Katie Ann McGuigan – the sister of Orior’s Creative Director Ciaran McGuigan. Comprised of three vivid, geometric styles, the offering combines patterns from Katie’s latest womenswear collection inspired by the Irish countryside with the luxurious, handcrafted aesthetic found in Orior’s furniture pieces.

The collection marks the first collaborative project between the duo.
As with Katie’s past projects, she finds inspiration from a book, artist, or other creative medium, and conducts extensive research into the subject in order to translate it aesthetically into her own work.

For Orior’s rug collection, Katie looked at photographer Perry Ogden’s works depicting the Irish countryside as a jumping point for the rug color palette. Much like Ogden’s photographs, the rug patterns play off of the raw, natural beauty of the Irish landscape, such as the effects of the country’s harsh weather on the land, and the contrast between old and new scenery of which people of Ireland have treasured for years.

While the siblings have consulted each other for their brands in the past, the rug collaboration is Ciaran and Katie’s first official project together. “In fashion, patterns are mostly repeated on a smaller scale,” explains Katie. “Creating designs for larger items such as rugs added an element of freedom because of the size and scale. Ciaran and I wanted to make sure that the patterns would grab the attention of the viewer when placed in a home.”
Continuing Orior’s practice of local production, the rugs will be assembled by a maker in southern Ireland who will produce in small-batch production runs. Each design is hand-sketched onto canvas before using a hand tufting gun to create the intricate patterns. “We consider these rugs to be heirloom pieces made with precision, patience, and care,” explains Ciaran. “The rugs pay exquisite attention to detail and are created using unassuming handmade techniques, making each rug individually special.”

With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, Katie credits her early experience in her family’s furniture factories with helping expand her love for color and print. “Growing up within the Orior Furniture family, I had spent countless hours in our workshops as a child, and remember being in awe of the craftsmanship, intricacy, and detail that went into the designs,” explains Katie McGuigan. “With this collection, I wanted to
combine my love for design with the craftsmanship quality that the Orior furniture brand offers, while staying true to our family’s Irish heritage

All rugs are made with 100% natural wool, with commissions hand-dyed to specification. Pricing ranges $190 – $220/square foot for the standard three styles, with customized rugs priced separately by square foot.

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Photo credits: G. Simson Watson