Desert Light is a collection by Serena Fanara, an architect and designer, specialized in the use of new technologies and new materials as well.

This collection in particular brings us mentally to a desert where her lighting sculptures are the only kind of nature living around us. I’m talking about Echinocactus, lamps shaped as the famous and well-known cactus.
In Serena’s country there’s also another fun name for saying cactus, that’s to say “cuscino della suocera”, which means “mother-in-law’s pillow”.
She like playing with design, having fun with it, she likes us to have big smile while watching at her lamps, and that for sure will happen, as soon as you look at all of her collection.
There are 6 different models and more than 20 colors, all in limited edition, it’s possible to customize the product, if booked, so you can have the lamp of your dreams.
The interior models of the lamps have a fireproof wire, the exterior ones, which can be placed on terraces and in gardens, have a waterproof wire and of a resistant material, so they can get wet and still work fabulously.
The lamps are printed by Serena Fanara’s 3D printer in PLA (a natural plastic material derived from corn), asemi-transparent material that lets the grain shine through the lamp, it has a LED bulb, and a textile wire that can be covered in cotton, silk or linen.
I bet you will get hooked by these amazing lamps!!!

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