The most spectacular view of London, in my opinion, is the one on top of the so called “Walkie Talkie” builing, 20 Fenchurch Street.

Forget about the London’s Eye, jet a nice tourist attraction, but not comparable with the stunning experience at Sky Garden London.The Walkie Talkie is a postmodern skyscraper in London that has been nicknamed that way because of its distinctive shape. Its construction was completed in spring 2014 and lately in 2015 the three-floor sky garden.
It is 160 m tall, the sixth-tallest building of the City and 12thtallest in Greater London.

Its top-heavy design appears to burst upward and outward and it is partly intended to maximize floor space towards the top of the building, where rent is typically higher (smart idea!)

Its shape is impressive and impacts considerably the area. Its design was hardly criticized and it was even prized in 2015 with the Carbuncle Cup , an architecture prize, given annually by the magazine Building Design to “the ugliest building in the UK completed in the last 12 months”… what an honor!

Despite all these negative comments, we found this building extremely interesting when we visited it. Its strength point is the Sky Garden which spans in the top three floors.

A large viewing area, terrace, bar and two restaurants.
The entrance is free but only under admission and restricted to a limited number of entries. You can book a free ticket on their website and plan your visit in one of the available day/slot of their calendar (you must select an exact time for the entrance and we suggest to arrive at least 20 minutes before to pass all security controls at the entrance).

Also we recommend you to visit it close to sunrise or sunset (depending on the season) to enjoy the view and the sky color changes. In our case the time slots available at the time did not combine with our weekend agenda, so we ended up booking it at midday of a rainy day of January! Despite that, it was impressive. Sunrise and sunset hours are indicated on top of their webpage.


At Sky Garden you can enjoy a 360° view across the capital from the glass dome and its observation decks.

Also the open terrace, protected by a glass wall, makes you feel like flying on London’s roofs! See my leg…

Strolling around the dome you will see the most impressive London’s buildings like “The Gherkin”, The Shard, One Blackfriars, The Parliament with the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and many more!

Architecture addicted or not, this visit will enjoy your stay in London!

Next visit we are looking forward to plan is the one to “the Tulip“, a 305-meter-tall visitor attraction that will tower above the city. Its project has just been approved by the city of Lodon and will be designed by Forster + partners studio, forecasted for 2025. Have a look…