Are you looking for something that makes your afternoon break sophisticated, in step with the times and unforgettable? Serap Korkmaz, a young designer of Turkish origins, has created something that is perfect for you: the “Sofia” tea set.

If you did not know yet, tea is in fact one of the irreplaceable elements in Turkish culture, drinking and making tea is almost a ritual, a social experience and a sign of hospitality. The thin waist tea glass is an iconic object of Turkish culture and art.

Serap has thus decided to pay homage to the traditional Turkish tea set with a personal interpretation characterized by a minimalist design and traditional lines, creating enchanting everyday objects.
The set consists of several objects of Turkish culture including thin cups, plates and matching spoons, a ceramic milky jug and teapot as well as a tray of wood, marble and brass.

Thanks to the combination of different colors and materials, in fact, the idea of combining two different cultures and styles in an object that encompasses a world is better perceived.

The reinterpretation of this element of tradition aims to focus the spotlight on Turkish design and introduces the richness of tea culture to foreigners.
Therefore, “Sofia” tea set sets itself in a balance between tradition and contemporary minimalism, where geometric shapes and strong lines make everything simple but refined at the same time.

The “Sofia” set is present at Spazio TID showroom in via Pordoi 8 in Baranzate, a few steps from Milan.