When a person thinks of interior design, they often focus on the larger things such as the furniture, rugs, the placing of the furniture, etc. The inner walls of a space are habitually left as an afterthought, because once the paint selection is done the walls are usually seen as complete. However, what many people don’t realise is that wall décor paintings are what truly complete a room and transform the space from being indistinguishable from an IKEA bedroom set up to an actual home. This post will examine the importance of incorporating art into the interior, the benefits of doing so, and finally guide you through a few tips. So, let’s start at the very beginning…

Silent Lovers by Ekaterina Gromova

…what is Art?

Art can be simply defined as the expression, or application, of human creative skill and imagination. It is inclusive of, but not limited to, music, literature, film, dancing, and painting. The guidelines of what constitutes as art is very flexible because, at its’ core, Art is entirely subjective. 

Depth by Majak

Interior design is considered as one other branch of the Artistic discipline. Interior design is the action of designing the interior decoration of a space. As mentioned before this is inclusive of selecting colour schemes, organizing the furnishings, and, finally, selecting Art pieces to hang onto the walls. Often times the walls are forgotten as they are viewed as the task completed in the construction process. In actuality Art pieces are truly the finishing touch of a space. One can either choose to design a space with the Art piece being the focal point of the room or use an Artwork to work with the decorations and elevate the atmosphere entirely.

Why you need to incorporate art into your interior  

Other than the fact that Artwork functions as the cherry on top of a space, there are scientific and philosophical reasons as to why Art is important for the human spirit. The very action of viewing Art has been proven to help stimulate creativity, motivation, and reduce stress levels. This is because the action can lower the body’s concentration of cortisol, the stress hormone, and increase dopamine levels instead, the pleasure chemicals. So, the incorporation of Artwork in work and office spaces can be mentally beneficial to an individual as the pieces can counter the stressful atmosphere of a space. 

The Shells by Ekaterina Gromova

However, a more philosophical reason for the importance of Art is that it can express a persons’ life philosophy and keep them in harmony with themself. For example, a person who employs minimalistic art works means they maintain a zen-like life philosophy, whilst a person who employs classic or realist artworks value a more traditional view of life. Art can express so much about an individual, as a person will only incorporate Art pieces that truly speak to them in their personal spaces. A piece can speak to a person either delicately or sublime. Either way, it encourages dialogue with people and with oneself. 

Work VS Home, what do you want to achieve?

So now you know about the philosophical and scientific importance of incorporating Art in the interior. But how exactly do you go about it? Approaching art in the home environment vs art in the workspace is done very differently.  Although Art is subjective, the workspace is solely dedicated to working and thus the Art selection process should abide by certain guidelines. Because you want it to be a space for focus and seriousness you should typically avoid loud pieces. By that I mean, Art that is too distracting. You see, you want to keep your mind stimulated but not distracted. You also don’t want anything repetitive to the point of boring. 

A Vampire by Armen Asatryan

When selecting Art for the home environment, I can only really tell you to trust your intuition and don’t be afraid to try anything. What you want to achieve in a living room can differ from the bedroom which differs between each individual. So, feel free! No one can tell you what is right or wrong because of how subjective Art is. But an important question to ask oneself is what it is you want to achieve in the designated space and go from there. 

Whilst keeping in mind that Art can express an individuals’ philosophy, a piece does not have to always communicate this. Artwork can be incorporated purely for aesthetic purposes too. By that I mean, simply because it feels and looks good to you.  Art can add warmth and texture into a space which ultimately makes it feel more welcoming. An Artwork can be the focal point of a space which can make it feel more artistic and creative and demanding of attention. Art can also work as team with other décor by introducing vibrant or dark colours into a space thus elevating the atmosphere.  

Sunrise by Majak

Art can be one thing and many things all at once. But it is up to you to choose what something means in your own personal space. Looking for Art in galleries or through Art companies can be a great place to start your Art journey. Places such as Victory Art offer consultation services for those of you who would like a bit of guidance during the Art selection process. For those of you who would like to experiment and explore, there are also Art rental services. This way you can temporarily incorporate artworks in your space for a few months at a time to really feel if it’s the right fit for you. But don’t wait any longer and make your home your home by adding Art into your interior now.