The Scandinavian style of which we usually talk about in is basically referred to modern contemporary design, clearly the most viewed and used one in this historic moment. But it is important not to forget our past, and that’s why today I wish to propose the projects images that point out the beauty and importance of the Classic Nordic Style.
Scandinavian classic design is characterized by the presence of details, accessories, basically there is less linearity and total white is less distinctive than in the contemporary scandinavian design. A special feature are the wooden panels to surround the perimeter of the walls like a kind of short boiserie. The floors always are often made of row wooden planks and the ceiling is often decorated with frames.
In these images you can see some lovely details: the coffee table in the black metal frame of the living in the first photo, the zebra rug, the wicker chair and hanging lamp in the picture right below here.
If all these images have inspired you, my suggestion is to create a mix of contemporary and classic design. The result will be definitely a personal and original one.

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