MIETTA this is the name of the table created by the young interior designer Alessandra Ziccolella, more than a table, a true masterpiece of design that differs from the classic proposals available on the market today.

And this is how the traditional table with a board and four orthogonal legs is deconstructed and re-elaborated in shapes and hierarchy. The lines cut, the sections slide and goes back to a new equilibrium where the symmetry disappears. The central element, in iron, is a sculpture and it works as base for the whole table.The table boards are above the structure and highlight the thickness, those are full filled of the fascinating history of the venetian lagoon, where they were for decades.

Here is the magic of a product that in addition to the spectacular, scenic and totally new design, tells a story through the material: the story of Venice and its wet past.

A deep passion for the natural and “recovered” materials that she has transformed in something real with the name A.zetaDESIGN: her own brand that in small steps is making room in the design world.

At the beginning of each project there is always a need that turns into emotion, and a creative path that drives the young designer throughout the design process. Every object, every piece of furniture, once transformed into matter, thus comes in contact with the human being, and it is important for Alessandra to know how to glimpse the “final scene” as if a movie set was being built.Alessandra describes, with these words, the idea that she then transformed into reality:  One day not long ago, I imagined you while you were eating. I thought of you picking your energies up, along with your last rushed sip of coffee. I heard the sound of the fork gently falling on the table. I listened to the tapping of your fingers in rhythm to your favourite song. I watched your legs crossing and your arms stretching as if you were going to grab something. I felt your eyes focused on reading the newspaper, and your coat lying down almost waiting to be taken away by the warmth of your hands, in the cold winter.”

You just have to come and visit our showroom in via Monte Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate a few steps from Milan and be fascinated by the emotions that unique pieces of design like this can transmit.