Kasia Nasilowska and Jessica Russo are an Italian-Polish duo, who has managed to converge their emotions and the imagination of different peoples into common visions and simple memories of everyday gestures.

Thus was born Tuorlo Design Studio, a young design studio based in Florence that stands out for design objects with a strong emotional charge, a maniacal attention to detail and the highest quality of production.

Narrating objects, capable to tell stories and become real inhabitants of the houses, familiar figures characterized by a poetic sweetness and feminine lightness.

And so here comes Cucchiaio Bugiardo, a double-colored porcelain candle holder inspired by the first antique candlesticks, the so-called “lies”, or candle holders with the handle. A lie, but not only, a spoon that nicely deceives, destined to reveal itself on occasions such as dinners, conversations, meetings, circumstances in which the evening will shine with its accomplice and involving brightness.

It is inspired by the Mole Antonelliana, Torino: a collection of plates and underplots whose decoration, shown on objects, is intended as a tribute to the monumental building symbol of the Piedmontese capital and one of the symbols of Italy. Each underplate is accompanied by its plate, with which it gives life to the final decoration: each piece lives and is realized through the other.

Another object so dear to our grandmothers is instead Sfiorata, a collection of white or powdered enamel ceramic jewelry holders, crowned with a flower modeled entirely by hand. A feminine accessory to keep for yourself or a little joy to give away.

And finally Setacci Contemporanei, a collection of totems and small sculptures in white ceramic inspired by the peasant culture. For this reason it was decided to experiment on the texturing of the external surface, scratching it in two different ways and trying to evoke the braided straw characteristic of the sieves. Each totem is double-sided: depending on the chosen orientation, it can be transformed into a vase or a statue, a container or a centerpiece; a real family of objects, ideal for furnishing restaurants and hotels.

Design objects that reflect the traditional quality of the workforce and the design culture that has always distinguished the Italian design.

Look at the past with a touch of modernity!