Here we are here, ever undecided about colors and tones: light or dark, white or black?
Shall we make a choice at the end?

I know from experience, choosing one single color is always difficult, sometimes limiting. To help the eternal undecided ones it comes the tendency of the two-tone design: proposals for furniture and decoration with interesting double mix of colors.

I collected different inspirations; among my favorites are the bicolor proposals for the walls, which give immediate character even to an anonymous wall.

If the two-color is very fashionable, do not be seduced by the temptation to also add the third color. As for clothing, even in interior decor, the rules recommend “two protagonists colors: green light, three colors: attentive to the curve, four colors:’re just going off the road.”

These are my boards of today, which are part of my 2016 Design Inspiration.

Photo Credits: from left – ceramic vases AGNES Norman Copenhagen, Footwear handcrafted tone leather –, Gentle Chair Porro, bicolor Wall DIY (do it yourself editor’s note) of

Let me tell you a secret: the effect of the bicolor paint in the lower left seems complex, it is actually quite simple. You have to first paint the upper part of the wall (in this case a very light gray), and then lay the second color paint, darker, in the lower part. Use a painting roller and procede until the middle of the wall as normal, when you arrive to the height set where you want to create the effect, stop down the roller firmly. In order not to create confusion, take care that the effect is fairly homogeneous, avoiding heavy differences.

References Picture: from left – Lamps Slope Miniforms, Abchair of Danish chair, sideboard One Doimo Idea and brings bicolor effect (photo ref buzzfeed).

Photo Credits: from left – Sofa smoother gradation – Blur Moroso, ceramic vase AGNES, Geo jug and cupboard Kabino Norman Copenhagen, Abchair of Danish chair.

Gray is a noncolor color, therefore it is a perfect match with bright colors like pastel yellow, pink and gray moadboard below. The color tone choosen might make a big difference, mainly because it can strengthen either the feeling of heat or of cold (the first tone is more feminine of the second).

Photo Credits: from left – bicolor Pastel in two soft shades of pink and gray / blue (turbulence.deco.fe), inspiration of bicolor and bicolor Pantone Mug by Seletti.

Photo Credits: from left: Solid Wood Bicolor chair, table and chair David Moon by Doimo Idea.

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