Italy is the country of sky, sun and sea.

A sunny afternoon in the countryside of Tuscany, a sunrise in Rome or a sunset in Positano. It is hard to find something so emotional, and it is not just for the spectacular view, but it is all about feeling the surrounding environment, the heritage of history, culture and lifestyle of this country.

All this beauty might be a very favourable occasion to create the most outstanding range of outdoor complements: chairs, tables, sunbeds, sofas and many other desirable items, all made in Italy, by Varaschin a long standing company specialized in the outdoor market and based in Treviso, very close to Venice.

We met Varaschin staff at their booth at 2017 Milan International Furniture Show (Salone del Mobile) which took place a few weeks ago, where they exhibited the highlights of their product range. With a very distinguishing exposition layout, Varaschin product display in Milan made the difference, this year edition too.

The new products 

The elegance and comfort of EMMA chair has outlined Varaschin claim “Outdoor Therapy”, as a perfect summary of everything you might expect in a top quality chair. Designed by Monica Armani (in the picture), which introduced us the product as a reinterpretation of the iconic chair of everyday.

The back of the seat, an aluminium frame covered with a waved cord is what we loved most of its design. EMMA provides numerous combinations of seats, legs and backrests and is suitable for any situation or mood, for a modern and contemporary way of living outdoors and indoors spaces.

MAAT armchair by Philippe Bestenheider is another exciting new project, as the mix of strips in different daring colours like green, white, orange and turquoise will steal your attention. A very nice shape for a seat which opens up like the petals of a blossom, though strong and stable for the coolest outdoor areas. (Please notice Mr. Bestenheider is a very tall man!!)

But it is the rocking lounge armchair SUMMERSET that has stolen our heart!!

The Varaschin “Outdoor Therapy” philosophy focuses on creating a connection between indoor and outdoor. It is an invitantion to expand the living area outside the house borders, maintaining the same quality standards of comfort and design. All their product range is developed in compliance with this vision.

A collection composed by a seats and table combination: eight wedge shaped upholstered armchairs around the BIG LOW ta­ble, to optimize spaces and maximize functionality. Designed by Ernesto Lechthaler, bar & beverage consultant in the premium hospitality sector, this collection offers functionality and style to hospitality locations.

A circular modular sofa, designed by Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, that represents the perfect shape for an easy conviviality outdoors. The curved elements of circle BELT can be with or without arm­rests and create small amphitheaters for a major intimacy, in which people can sit comfortably.

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