Andrea Ciappesoni’s remake of Edison filament lamp.

Andrea Ciappesoni is an italian designer, his creations are a mix of traditional Italian style and modern futuristic design. He loves to play with materials and find new application of them especially In lighting. He like to use naturals materials as stones, glass, fibers, graphite … but sometime he plays with plexiglas. He believes that design needs to be shocking and impressive, he is studying the 3th dimension applied to the design. The artist’s intent is to produce “objects” not only having a function, but also capable of emotion, able to transform into reality the dreams of those who come to him for a unique and inimitable.
What he creates are charming, minimalist, simple and elegant design objects; refined pieces obtained through a craftsmanship that has always distinguished all Made in Italy products. Among the various productions of this young artist, “The Light in the Bubble” lamp, one of the pieces of design in Spazio TID in via Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate, is certainly worth mentioning.

It is a new concept of lighting applied to the classic design of a lamp bulb, in memory of the “old” Edison filament lamp. It is a modern led light source, which illuminates a bulb-shaped diffuser made of a laser-cut acrylic sheet. The bulb is transparent when the light is off, but when you turn on the light,you see the bulb’s shape and the virtual filament designed inside it.
It can be used either as a pendant light or replacing a traditional lamp. And it’s just another production signed always Ciappesoni.
This amazing collection has been also awarded with the international award for design “A’design award & competition“.