We might think good ideas are like a grace, they come when you do not expect them. But sometimes they are just the result of courage, tenacity and passion.

Webert is an Italian based company, specialized in high quality faucets with a long standing story and a present made of research, innovation and style.

We are here introducing a preview of the new products the company will show in Milan at the 2018 International Bathroom Exhibition (Hall 29, Stand B35). An entire collection of innovative taps which will leave you breathless. In all these projects 3D printing technology is the ultimate choice to mould ideas in design tabs for bathroom and kitchen. The proof their passion for design flows like water.

▲ CORAL  Design: BMB Progetti

Inspired by nature and its underwater treasures.
Simple and essential, the Coral collection has a unique detail: its lever is sculpted and shaped like an undersea form and has the vibrant color of corals.



▲▼ ONE-A  Design: Massimiliano Settimelli

It looks like something magic: is it a sculpture or a faucet? The One-A faucet, with its 3D texture design is an amazing piece for a stylish, masculine, high-tech kitchen.

▲ ESSENTIAL  Design:  Webert team

Rigorous and minimal, this model redefines the lines of the traditional tap. The sculptural form of the lever join is minimalist and contemporary. It is ideal for a modern kitchen, better if white, in contrast with the black finishing of this amazing tap.

Discover more at Webert.it