A new reality has been officially inaugurated within the eclectic LAMARI Creative Shopping showroom in via Alfredo Cappellini, 20: the Secret Gallery Hysteria Art.

A new unconventional space dedicated to Contemporary art, born from the attention that theinteriordesign.it (TID) has always shown towards the Art world, creating a dialogue with the Design world and where it will give life to events and to the promotion of highly selected artists.
A place all aimed at culture that aims to open art to the public through a space where different languages and poetics can dialogue in a synergy of intriguing experiences that observe the most current artistic research.

So in Milan, now a fundamental step for contemporary artists, the Hysteria Art gallery wants to propose an artistic journey that develops into three main categories: Drama, Abstract and New Pop. Where Drama will give life to a research of artists based on an introspective and theoretical philosophy of art, Abstract will highlight the research of the sign, the matter and the use of color, while New Pop will focus on the voracious language of the image in hype style.In support of the Gallery, Hysteria will also be an informative voice of the Art world becoming an independent on-line Magazine with an international scope through the collaboration with journalists, and operators in the sector in Italy, in the United States and in China. Link of the webzine, moreover, it is being a real cultural bridge that reinforce the importance of art as an instrument of understanding and interpretation of the contemporary historical period, where the artists themselves are absolute interpreters.A new voice, therefore, a new space where Contemporary Art will play a fundamental role and where events will take place in which it will be possible to talk in a new way about the artists and new expressions that will be introduced from time to time.

Among the artists in which Hysteria Art believes: Michele Tombolini, Daniele Basso, Giuliano Cataldo Efesto Giancotti, Carlotta Carzaniga, Massimo Corona, Ko Smith Studio, Antonio Franchi, Emily Clementine, Mayoor Lucio Tosi, Ornella Uboldi, Ciro Strino, Gian Pietro Bombardelli, Aleandro Roncarà, Nina for the dogs, Emanuel Bullita.

An opportunity so absolutely not to be missed for lovers of contemporary art!